Brewbooks – Ramblings of John Brew

Brewbooks – Ramblings of John Brew

My goal is to learn about the world my entire life. “Each one of us adds a little to our understanding of Nature, and from all the facts assembled arises a certain grandeur.” – Aristotle as quoted by Bradford Washburn.

My tendency is to analyze whatever I come across.  My guess is I over quantify the world; probably a result of over forty years as an engineer.

This site focuses on capturing what I learn. My interests include

  • Books – mainly nonfiction
  • Fitness: hiking, running, and walking. How to maintain fitness as we age
  • History and Politics
  • Investing and Economic history
  • Nature: Learning about the flora, fauna, and geology wherever I travel
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Science: biology, botany, neuroscience, physics
  • Technology: electronics, neural engineering
  • Travel – Learning from around the world

Well, that’s a little about me. Hope to see you on a hike or walk.

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